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Changes in Line Spacing between versions

From: Lyle Raymond
Subject: Changes in Line Spacing between versions
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 00:27:18 -0500
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I just upgraded to the latest version of Lilypond, and I noticed that line 
spacing in a single part has increased - a bit beyond what I am comfortable 
with.  The title is now unattractively close to the top line, and there is a 
significantly larger area of whitespace between lines.

Where can I find documentation that deals specifically with this issue?  Any 
thoughts from members of the group on the whys and wherefores?


  Version: 1.0
  GMU/O d+@ s: a C++ UL P+>++++ L++ E-(---) W++ N++ o--@ K- w+(--) !O !M V 
PS--(+) PE++ Y !PGP t+() !5 X+() R+++($) tv b++>+++ DI@ !D G e++>++++ h---@ 
r++ y?
  ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

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