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stem length tweak

From: David Bobroff
Subject: stem length tweak
Date: 15 Sep 2004 17:24:30 +0000

In the following example I would like to shorten the stems of beat three
so that the beam is at the same height as beats 2 and 4.  As it stands
now, it interferes visually with the whole rest (the notes are cue
notes).  I've looked but have failed to find the answer.


\version "2.3.17"

cue = {    
    \set fontSize = #-3
    \override Stem  #'length = #4.5
    \override Beam  #'thickness = #0.384
    \override Beam  #'space-function =
    #(lambda (beam mult) (* 0.8 (Beam::space_function beam mult)))

euc = {
    \set fontSize = #0
    \revert Stem #'length
    \revert Beam #'thickness
    \revert Beam #'space-function

cues = \context Voice \relative c'' {
            \clef G
            r16 d' es f cis es, c' e, b' c, bes' cis, a' d, as' es

    \clef F


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