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modern accidental style

From: Sean Reed
Subject: modern accidental style
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 02:12:27 +0200

first, thank you so much for bringing back the dvis. point-and-click with jedit works again and it is truly a beneficial feature!

i think i've noticed a change in the accidentals though. i have been using "modern" the whole time, and now i think the accidentals are different suddenly with 2.3.18.

looking at the documentation, it would seem that they may have been "fixed" and are "correct" now (accidentals are now remembered to the end of the measure), but to be honest i really liked the other way better, even if it was a mistake.

up until 2.3.18 i was getting like a "forget-cautionary" when i had chosen the "modern" style, where every chromatically altered pitch (i.e. sharp or flat) was given an accidental; even if there were 6 d-sharps in a row in the same measure, they all got an accidental, but when the pitch then changed from d-sharp to d-natural, there was one initial "natural" sign, and then no more accidentals. this is very effective for atonal scores with lots of fast notes in each measure where the accidentals are sometimes different, sometimes not.

is this a feature that is available somehow else that i could reimplement into my score? if not, could it get built back in somehow? (i've got two musicians already learning the first half of a score with the former accidental practice, and i would like to not have switched the modus operandi in the middle of the score when i give them the second half, for their sake too).

- sean

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