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Re: What am I doing wrong???

From: Michiel Lange
Subject: Re: What am I doing wrong???
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 00:13:22 +0200
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Mats Bengtsson wrote:

Michiel Lange wrote:

(I am not educated very much in english musical terms, but one may recognize the 'I' and 'II' signs in music... someone with some hints? ;-) to speed up learning )

Take a look at the glossary included in the LilyPond documentation:

Thanks, I have taken a look now... altough I could not find it, this list is very extensive... so I'll look on in the list... I may have overlooked it...

There's also one more question...

I have one chord that looks like this:
<< <d d,>1 ~ \\ { <fis, a>4 <g b>4. <fis a>8 <e g>4 } >> << <d d'>1 \\ <fis a> >> The lower "extender" goes right through the notes... should it not be so that it should go under the notes?

<< d1 ~ \\ d,1 ~ \\ { <fis a>4 <g b>4. <fis a>8 <e g>4 } >> << d'1 \\ d,1 \\ <fis a> >>

The reason is that if you have
<<{first voice} \\ {second voice} \\ {third voice} \\ {fourth voice} >>
then the first and third have stems, slurs, ties, ... pointing upwards
whereas they point downwards for the second and fourth voice. Since you
kept the lower d in the first voice, the tie was curved upwards instead
of downwards.


Thanks, that did the trick... logical explatation too... if I could only think it up myself :-)

This is my piece now, but now that I also added a \midi block, there are problems with writing dvi output... midi output is pretty ok... it's not Lilypond's fault, I made some mis-interpretations which I can fix now... when I remove the \midi block output goes fine... If I place \midi somewhere else, everything goes wrong... it's not fair!

\version "2.2.0"

       texidoc = "Psalm 47"
       title = "Prelude to Psalm 47"
       composer= "Michiel Lange"

       \context PianoStaff <<
               \context Staff
               { \relative c'
                               \key d \major \clef violin
r1 r2 r4 <fis a>4\ff << d1 \\ { <g b>4 <g b>4. <g b>8 <g b>4 } >> <d fis a>1
                               r1 r1 r1 r1
a'4 b g a << d1 ~ \\ d,1 ~ \\ { <fis a>4 <g b>4. <fis a>8 <e g>4 } >> << d'1 \\ d,1 \\ <fis a> >>
                               r1 r1 r1 r1
<d fis a>16 <d fis a>16 <d fis a>16 <d g b>16 ~ <d g b>4 <d fis a>16 <d fis a>16 <d fis a>16 <d g b>16 ~ <d g b>4 <d fis a>16 <d fis a>16 <d fis a>16 <d g b>16 ~ <d g b>4
                               <g a cis>2 <d fis a d>1
               \new Staff
               { \relative c'
                               \key d \major \clef bass
a2\mf fis d4 e4 fis2 d2 r2 r1 a'2\mf fis2 d4 e fis2 g4 fis e e d2. r4
                               <d fis>1 ~ <d fis>1 <fis d fis,>1
<a a,>2\f \< <fis fis,>2 <d d,>4. <e e,>8 <fis fis,>2 <fis fis,>2 <d d,>2 \!\ff b4. <cis cis,>8 <d d,>2 <a' fis>8 <g d>8 ~ <g d>4 <a fis>8 <g d>8 ~ <g d>4 <a fis>8 <g d>8 ~ <g d>4 <d d,>2 ~ <d d,>1
               \new Staff
               { \relative c
                               \key d \major \clef bass
a2 fis2 d4 e4 fis2 d2 r2 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 d1 a'2 fis2 d4. e8 fis2 fis'2 d2 b4. cis8 d2 d,1 ~ d1 ~ d1
       \midi { \tempo 4 = 120 }

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