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two questions

From: Michiel Lange
Subject: two questions
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 02:10:29 +0200
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Hello everybody,

I hope this question is not very hard, but I have it with a few songs now:

when I create a part like this

foo = \notes
   c4 d e f g a b c r4

bar = \notes
   e4 b c d a g

and then reuse those parts like this

\relative c''

The music shifts up one octave (quite logically)
I "fixed" it so far with \octave c'' wherever it would go wrong...

Is there a way to prevent this (as \octave c'' will give warnings, and is not the best solution) ? I was thinking about an invisible, unheard note that would prevent octave shifting... or is there a better way?

A second question is about repeats and alternative endings
In the examples in the documentation is an example that would do the first alternative three times, and the second the fourth (page 62 in the manual for version 2.2.0) I was wondering if it could easily be done the other way around: the first alternative once, and the others the rest of the time automatically... I'm fairly certain that this is very doable with manual repeat commands (page 62 - 63)

OS: Slackware Linux,
Lilypond 2.2.0

Thanks in advance

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