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Acciactura legato slurs

From: dax2
Subject: Acciactura legato slurs
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 11:05:30 +0200

   Here is a short version of a message awaiting moderator
approval because it was too long.

   Lilypond 2.3.23 built from CVS without problems, docs too.

   1) the slurs turns 180 degrees in the special
      "acciaccatura" section shown below.

I had attached to png's and source; but you can easily imagine
slurs from note to note where the curve is the wrong way

        o    o
        |    |
instead of

        /   \
       o     o
       |     |

   2) convert-ly from 2.3.22 to 2.3.23 did not change anything,   
      (used on Chop. op.52 Ballade 4 from Mutopia-Project)
      not even the \version, but I guess that is ok. 
      I expected some output, though.

Source example (from Mutopia, Chop. op.52, look for dolciss.)

           \set Staff.fontSize = #-1
           \override Stem   #'length = #5.5
           \override Beam   #'thickness = #0.384
           \override Beam   #'space-function = #(lambda (beam mult) (* 0.8 
(Beam::space_function beam mult)))
           \times 2/21 {
               cs16[_"dolciss." \( e a cs e a]
               cs[ a' cs, 

%%dax: The slur here turns downside up in 2.3.23.

               \acciaccatura {
                   \once\override Slur   #'extra-offset = #'( 0 . 8 )
                   \once\override NoteHead   #'font-size = #-4
                   \once\override Stem   #'font-size = #-4

As this is bleeding edge release and I don't know how many spam
mails there are awaiting moderator I thought it better to send
this short version.


dax2-tele2adsl:dk --  Donald Axel

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