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Re: Multiple verses in Noteedit problem

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Multiple verses in Noteedit problem
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 17:32:38 +0200
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The easiest solution is probably to replace

StaffAText = \lyrics {
        \simultaneous {
                        This is verse one  _ }
                        And Verse Two is me }


StaffAText = \lyrics {
        \simultaneous {
                \new Lyrics {
                        This is verse one  _ }
                \new Lyrics {
                        And Verse Two is me }

Optionally, you could then also replace the
\context Lyrics="StaffAText" \StaffAText
with just

As a next step, I would recommend to replace the \addlyrics with
\lyricsto, but then you have to name the Voice, not the Staff.
I'm not sure how Noteedit handles multiple voices in a Staff, but
in your example it can be done by

\score {
        \simultaneous {
                \set Score.skipBars = ##t
\set Score.melismaBusyProperties = #'(melismaBusy slurMelismaBusy tieMelismaBusy)
                \context Voice="StaffA" \StaffA
                \lyricsto "StaffA" \StaffAText


Barry Roberts wrote:
I'm trying to learn enough lilypond to figure this one out myself, but
it's taking longer than I had hoped, so I'm begging for help.

In Noteedit 2.7.3 (from the ccrma rhfc2 i386 rpm) I can export as
lilypond without problem until I add a second verse lyric to a staff.
Then lilypond gets errors.  It produces midi, ps, and pdf, but the
print versions don't have the lyric for the second verse.

I've attached 2 simple lilypond files exported from noteedit.  With
one verse, lilypond is fine, but as soon as the second verse lyric is
added lilypond starts spitting out things like: warning: Junking event: `LyricEvent':
                          d Verse Two is me }

I'm running lilypond 2.2.6 also from the planet ccrma apt repository
rpm on FC2 on a dual Xeon Dell precision 650.

I've looked at some of the multi-verse .ly's on and they
do lyrics so differently from this that I would have a hard time
patching the current exporter to match that.

What I'm hoping is that someone with more experience with lilypond can
point out a small tweak that I can apply to noteedit to get it
working.  If not, I'll keep learning lilypond and try to make noteedit
export lyrics more like the lilypond tutorial and the samples I've

Barry Roberts

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