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Re: Musical notation question

From: Roland Goretzki
Subject: Re: Musical notation question
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 01:30:58 +0200
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Hello list, hello Ruud,

You wrote:

> I have a question regarding musical notation/engraving. I am currently
> typesetting a piece of music which has two voices in ones staff. At the end
> of the piece the first voice goes from a g1  to an e1 ~ e1 and the second
> voice from an f1 to a g1 ~ g1 (I think, I do not have the music at hand at
> the moment).
> How do you indicate in such a case, which note belongs to which voice as
> there is no clue for the singer what note belongs to what voice (no stems).
> The only clue visible is that the tie is in the direction of the first voice,
But it IS a visible clue, I think.

> but that doesn't look too well anyway, so I am inclined to change the
> tie direction, as this looks much better

I can understand Your reason. ;-)
Problems like this are the main work for those people, who try to edit
the pieces according to the original sources.

In this special case it is very difficult to decide (is this the correct
english word?), but in my opinion we should do like the lawyers in

        "In dubio pro reo!"

If You have a source You can trust to, then You shouldn't change.

But the best way would be to find out, how it is handled in concert,
can't You?

Perhaps You can tell us, which piece of music it is?

Best Regards           Roland

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