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Re: Meta-topic: Spam filtering and bounced messages

From: Patrick Hubers
Subject: Re: Meta-topic: Spam filtering and bounced messages
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 10:19:33 +0100
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Larry Gilbert schreef:

I am repeatedly getting requests from the lilypond-user mailing list to re-enable my subscription because messages sent to me by the list system keep bouncing.

After consulting with my own mail administrator about the problem, it appears the messages being bounced are all spam that was sent to the list, probably from non-subscribers.

It is important to me that spam messages *continue* to be bounced by my mail server, because I have a bad enough time coping with all the spam that *does* get through. But I do not want my subscription jeopardized by this.

Are there any options left for me, short of sucking it up and leaving the list?

Don't bounce. Either reject the message or accept and then silently
discard it. Bouncing spam messages is the wrong thing to do: the sender
is either a mailing list (as in this case), a non-existent email address
or an innocent bystander whose email address has been spoofed.

Patrick Hubers

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