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Spam [was: Fwd: Meta-topic: Spam filtering and bounced messages]

From: Sean Reed
Subject: Spam [was: Fwd: Meta-topic: Spam filtering and bounced messages]
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 12:54:04 +0100

i subscribe to a number of lists which only allow subscribers to post.
would the list managers consider adding this function to the lilypond users list?
i'm getting a lot of spam, nearly all from this list, and my filters aren't catching it all despite regular retraining and adding of keywords.

Sean Reed
Hamburg, Germany

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Anthony W. Youngman" <address@hidden>
Date: 14. November 2004 23:14:19 MEZ
To: Patrick Hubers <address@hidden>
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: Meta-topic: Spam filtering and bounced messages
"Anthony W. Youngman" <address@hidden>

In message <address@hidden>, Patrick Hubers <address@hidden> writes
Except, to the best of my knowledge, "bounce" means that *I* send a DSN back to the original sender, and "reject" means that the relay is honour-bound to send a DSN back to the original sender.
The only practical difference is who sends the DSN. And as I said, in my case (because "download and drop" is not a practical option) there is no way I can suppress the sending of the DSN.

This is getting *very* off topic, but:

As David R. Linn said, bounce and reject are *not* the same. Rejecting means that the receiving SMTP-server refuses to accept the message at all (return a 550 response), meaning the sending SMTP-server can't deliver the message at all. Bouncing means that the receiving server *does* accept the message, but then sends a message back to the *email address* in the message envelope, which may have nothing to do with the actual sender.

In which case, I *A*M* rejecting, and yet I still get this message saying I've been suspended.

When I configure my reject rules, my mail "client" sends a 550 back to the relay. I presume that my ISP's mail server is doing the same. The problem is, if it's come from the sender's ISP's relay servers, I bet the effect is the same as what you call a bounce.

But - to put it simply - I *know* I'd doing what you call rejecting, I send a 550, and it still gets me dropped from the list.

Anthony W. Youngman - wol at thewolery dot demon dot co dot uk
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good idea to burden them with too much input. Hex always thought of his reports
as Lies-to-People.
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