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Re: percussion in lilypond

From: Thies Albrecht
Subject: Re: percussion in lilypond
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 16:05:09 +0100
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Hi Vincent!

Nothing fancy like multiple staves or anything like that, just example code of one small, stupid drum...

You didn't give us your liylpond version, so I can't exactly say, whether the example below will work for you. At least it does for version 2.4.2.

up   = \drummode { hh4 <hh sn> hh <hh sn> }
down = \drummode { bd4 s bd s }

drumContents = {
       \new DrumVoice { \voiceOne \up }
       \new DrumVoice { \voiceTwo \down }

\score {
   \new DrumStaff { \drumContents }
   \midi {\tempo 4=120}

Kind regards,
Thies Albrecht

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