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Re: who uses lilypond

From: Bryan Stanbridge
Subject: Re: who uses lilypond
Date: 1 Dec 2004 23:03:28 -0500

On 12/2/2004, "address@hidden"
<address@hidden> wrote:

>I was having a discussion with a friend and he asked me.
>Who uses lilypond?
>I wasn't sure I think that publishers probably already have legacy apps
>they use not lilypond.
Many publishers used to use Score, if they used computer software at all.
 Most of the NY publishers still do.  Oxford University Press just
recently switched to Sibelius, and from what I've seen of their latest
book of madrigals, it's a shame they did.  The entire book just puts me
on edge every time I look through it.  It's unnatural. :)

>but I am not sure how this falls in numbers for the other categories.
>does anyone mind a informal survey?
>what do you use lilypond for.

Purple Frog Press proudly uses Lilypond for all its music engraving.  We
are just a small-time publisher, but the comments I've received from
collegues since we switched over to lily have all been incredibly

Bryan Stanbridge
Purple Frog Productions

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