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Re: guitar strings

From: Ketil Mehl
Subject: Re: guitar strings
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 08:21:27 +0000 (UTC)
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majik <mat <at>> writes:

> Hello,
>      I am writing up a composition for my degree in Music using lilypond. It 
> is a composition for guitar, and what i wish to do is put a circle around a 
> number to show which string the note is being played on. My lilypond version 
> is 2.4.2 and I am running SuSe 9.1 OS.
> I have tried the following, which produces a circle, but does not display the 
> number in the circle, and I get errors when lilypond is invoked:
> ais8 a _\markup {"\\textcircled{tiny 1}"}
> _"$\\!$ \\textcircled{\\textsc{1}}"
> both give the folowing results:
> Preprocessing graphical objects... programming error: Script direction not 
> yet 
> known!
> Continuing; crossing fingers
> PDF:
> Displays a circle, no text
> Can you please help me do this somehow?!
> Matthew Carey

This works well for me:

stringOne   = 
"$\begin{picture}(10,10)\put(5,0){\circle 9}\put(2.5,-2.75){1}\end{picture}$"
stringTwo   = 
"$\begin{picture}(10,10)\put(5,0){\circle 9}\put(2.5,-2.75){2}\end{picture}$"
stringThree = 
"$\begin{picture}(10,10)\put(5,0){\circle 9}\put(2.5,-2.75){3}\end{picture}$"
stringFour  = 
"$\begin{picture}(10,10)\put(5,0){\circle 9}\put(2.5,-2.75){4}\end{picture}$"
stringFive  = 
"$\begin{picture}(10,10)\put(5,0){\circle 9}\put(2.5,-2.75){5}\end{picture}$"
stringSix   = 
"$\begin{picture}(10,10)\put(5,0){\circle 9}\put(2.5,-2.75){6}\end{picture}$"

And then in your example:
ais8 a_\stringOne

Hope this helps

Ketil Mehl

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