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beautiful phrasing slur

From: Némo
Subject: beautiful phrasing slur
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 01:25:15 +0100
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Hello, here is a peace of the first Sonata for clarinet and piano of Brahms.

\relative c'' {
\set Staff.TimeSignature = ##f
\time 3/4
\key bf \major
 c4.\( ( ef8) d4~( | d8 b) c4.( g8) \) bf2 r4 | af2 r4 | g4 \f r4 r4

As you can see in the png attached file, the phrasing slur collide with the other. I search the doc and mailing list but can't find the « beautiful » adjustment for slur.
What can I do ?



Olivier <address@hidden>

PNG image

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