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Re: Notes having two values contemporaneously

From: Maurizio Tomasi
Subject: Re: Notes having two values contemporaneously
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 15:47:14 +0100
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Die5Willes wrote:
I'm trying to type a piece by Robert Schumann: "Des Abends" (Evening) from the 
Phantasiestücke op. 12 for piano solo. The time-signature is 2/8 (no mistake!!) and the 
right hand plays tuplets in 16th-notes for almost the entire piece. So there are two 
tuplets a measure with stems down but they are printed in a manner that every second note 
is not only a 16th-note but at the same time an 8th-note with stem UP!

Does anybody know how to do that?
I'm using lily 2.2.5 on a windows-operated machine.

Thank you very much

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You can use multiple voices, like in the following example:

\version "2.4.2"

\score {
    \new Staff \relative c'' {
        \time 2/8

        \set Score.tupletSpannerDuration = #(ly:make-moment 1 8)
        \override Score.TupletBracket #'bracket-visibility = ##f

        << \times 2/3 { \stemDown c16 e g e g c } \\
           \times 2/3 { \override TupletBracket #'number-visibility = ##f
                        \stemUp s16 e,8 s16 g8 } >>

    \layout { raggedright = ##t }

Hope this is what you are looking for. Maybe you will have to correct this score in order to run under Lily 2.2.5.


Maurizio Tomasi
Via Newton, 6
24126 Bergamo (Italy)
Tel. +39-02-23699308

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