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non-latin1 characters

From: Michał Dwużnik
Subject: non-latin1 characters
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 00:34:57 +0100

Would anyone be so kind to send me a working example (as short as
possible, preferrably),
of non-latin1 (latin2 if possible) text encoding inside a .ly file for
version 2.4.2 ?
At the moment my struggle to get the national characters seems to be fruitless
(no success trying to use the Polish accented letters in "author" and
"title" fields).
For version 2.2 I have used the dirty way of letting lilypond crash,
but produce
+/- correct .latex output. Then  I edited the .latex file to have sth like:

\usepackage{polski} (it's better equivalent of [polish]{babel}
\usepackage{qtimes,pslatex} (best quality national characters, consistent font)

Using the above in the modified .latex file, and LaTeXing the result used 
to give very nice quality output in ver. 2.2.

What shall I do in 2.4 ?

Michal (with ł (slashed l at the end), spelled mee-how, for the curious) :)

PS:As I write sth besides notes in LaTeX, I prefer lilypond-latex for
working solution,
but feel free to give any....

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