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Re: Remove bar spacing

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Remove bar spacing
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 10:47:33 +0100
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The default spacing at the position of the original bar line will
remain unless you do more settings. I haven't tried, but you probably
have to change the setting of the space-alist property, both for the
BarLine object and for the object that comes directly before the bar
line (i.e. the note head in your case).

An alternative solution that may be simpler is to fool LilyPond into
beleiving that the bar actually is 5/4 long, but still print 4/4.
For example, you can set \time 5/4 and then manually override how the
time signature is printed. There's a related example in the Tips and
Tricks document if you use version 2.2.x which has been moved to the
section on Polymetric Notation in the manual for version 2.4.x.
(Please always tell what version you use, to be sure to get a relevant

Yet another alternative, is to fool LilyPond into beleiving that the
quarter notes have a slightly shorter duration, so that 5 of them are
needed to fill the bar:
c4*4/5 d e f g
This is probably the easiest solution!


Martin Djernæs wrote:

Before I go straight to my question let me try to explain what I am
trying to achieve:

I want to create a staff with a G-Clef, the time signature (4/4), *five*
g'4 notes and a single bar. Yes that is wrong, but that is what I want
to create. I have so far removed the bar after the fourth g'4 with
  \set Score.defaultBarType = #"empty"

and added a new bar after the fifth with

  \bar "|"

So far so good.

However between the fourth and fifth g'4 I get more space than between
the rest .. I guess this comes from the BarLine spacing, but I can not
find the right place to get it to not do that. I feel like I have
searched high and low for the right place to modify the spacing, but to
no avail!

Can anyone help me?


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