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Re: lilypond chord symbols

From: Ferenc Wagner
Subject: Re: lilypond chord symbols
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 11:48:24 +0100
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Gordon Gilbert <address@hidden> writes:

> Tried the thing you recommended in the lilypond user
> forum, but all it did was change the name of the first
> chord only.  Also, no notation about capo -- any further
> ideas?

First of all, please keep all discussion on the forum.
Private messages don't buy you anything but deprive others
from the information contained in the thread.

Well, if you provided a short example, I would have got a
cleaner idea about what you did and could perhaps send it
back fixed.  New I guess you forgot the curly braces around
the music you wanted to transpose: use \transpose b a { your
chords }.

Concerning the "capo" text, look up the 3.7.9 Text scripts
and the 4.5 Text markup sections in the manual.  You should
find all the possibilities there.

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