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adding to docs (was: Lyricsto skips notes with melisma's in 2.2 ?)

From: Graham Percival
Subject: adding to docs (was: Lyricsto skips notes with melisma's in 2.2 ?)
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 14:14:23 -0800

On 12-Jan-05, at 2:27 AM, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
Please see the thread of emails in the mailing list archive,
starting at

Now, it looks like everybody has the *exact* same problem.
So let's change the documentation.


These emails are being kept in my "potentially add to docs" section.  Of
course, so are 83 other emails.  Most of them are just discussion about
an issue (and can thus be dropped once I understand the discussion),
but not all of them.

How can we improve the manual faster?  Be very specific about the
changes.  For example,

  For a start we could
insert a warning into the tutorial section "Single staff
polyphony" that it messes up \addlyrics, see here and there.

This is a good start, but I still need to read the tutorial, read this
discussion, and (in the case of lyrics) learn how lyrics work -- I
never use lyrics, so I'm not the best person to write documentation
for their use.

If you (or anybody) could write material and tell me exactly where
to put it, I could update the docs much faster.  You don't need
to download CVS, edit texinfo, or anything like that.

For example, you could say this:
---- Printing-lyrics.html In section 2.13 (printing lyrics), above the last line ("More options, like..."),
please add:

To add lyrics to a divided part, use foo bar.  For example,

\score {
 \notes {blah <<blah>> }
 \lyrics {blah <<blah>> }
 blah blah blah

If I have something like that, I can easily see where it goes, check if it belongs
there, check the spelling and grammar, and put the lilypond code into
the texinfo document. I might not agree with where you wanted to put it, so I might add it to a different section (with a link from the place you wanted it). For example, I think that divisi lyrics are too complicated to go in
section 2.13; I'd probably add them to chapter 5.  But if I have some
material to work with, I can deal with it much faster.

This goes for all the other "why don't you document this" or "the docs should say something about this" issues. Tell me exactly what you want and where. You don't need to compile anything, you don't need to download the source tree, or anything like that. All you need are the documentation, an email
client, and a bit of time.

- Graham Percival, Documentation Editor.

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