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Re: lilypond-snapshot package status

From: Roland Goretzki
Subject: Re: lilypond-snapshot package status
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 12:48:52 +0100
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Hello list, hello Pedro,

You wrote:
> I have been quite busy the last weeks and will not be able to work on
> the package again until February. I just want to thank your nice bug
> reports and let you know that the snapshot package is not in an
> unmaintained status, it's just paused until February :-)

Nice to get this information.

This is a good point to say: Thank You!:
I enjoy it to use the newset stable version of lilypond
(Your snapshot-2.4.2) together with 2.2.6
at the same time on the same host. (-:

Best Regards           Roland

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