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Re: Problem installing on WinXP.

From: Christ van Willegen
Subject: Re: Problem installing on WinXP.
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 17:18:05 +0100

Hello Jonathon, list,

> Hey. 
>     Sorry I'm such a noob.  :0  I'm trying to install this in WinXP Pro, and
> I got this test log.  Any ideas what's wrong? 

It seems you've installed 2.2.5, and the test file you're using is for 2.4...

Try the following example:

\score {
    \notes { c d e f g a b }

and see if that works better for you...

Also, please read the manual and documentation at

I hope you enjoy using Lilypond!

Christ van Willegen

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