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Re: TeX on very little Machines

From: Robinson P. Tryon 03
Subject: Re: TeX on very little Machines
Date: 25 Jan 2005 11:48:17 EST

--- address@hidden wrote:
I need a very portable solution. Does somebody knows if lilypond works on a
Psion Revo (would be best), or Zaurus (but it is expensive)... Psion Netbook
is already too big or some Subnotebook too.
--- end of quote ---

I'm about to flash my Sl-5500 with OpenZaurus today, so if I could run lilypond
on it that would be great!

(Actually, if I could run Rosegarten or some other GUI, then I could sit there
and enter notes with the stylus.....ooooohhh! ;-).  Please let the list know if
you find an answer elsewhere.

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