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Re: Blank Staves

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Blank Staves
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 11:41:19 +0100
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You're on the right track. A hint to help you solve the problem:
check in the documentation for information on in which context
the Bar_number_engraver "lives". It's not in the Staff context.
(To find out, the program reference for all the engravers is in

As an alternative, I provide a LaTeX document to solve the same
problem at


Tim Hucker wrote:
I'm trying to print a page of blank staves in Lilypond 2.4 under Windows XP.

My file (at the bottom of this post) nearly does the job, but
(i) the bar numbers resolutely remain, despite the "remove
Bar_number_engraver" instruction, and
(ii) putting noindent in restores the time signature, clefs and barlines.

What am I doing wrong?



emptymusic = {\repeat unfold 11 { s1\break }}

\new Staff \with {
defaultBarType = #""
\remove Bar_number_engraver
\remove Bar_engraver
\remove Time_signature_engraver
\remove Clef_engraver

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