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Re: Installation problem

From: Lukas Giesinger
Subject: Re: Installation problem
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 12:07:25 +0100
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Hi Riky and Maxime,

I had the following installation problem with Lilypond 2.4.2:
- Installation stopped at 98% at "/etc/postinstall/" - processing after cancelling the installation resulted in the error message "can't find 'feta20.afm'" and no pdf output.

The following procedure fixed the problem here
(although there may be shorter procedures to fix it):
1. deleted the c:\cygwin folder
2. installed cygwin with NO packages selected (just the cygwin core I suppose)
3. installed lilypond
4. installed the tetex-extra package and related packages

After that the setup passed the 98% point where it had usually stopped.

Hope this helps,

Riky VDB wrote:
Hello everybody,

I would like to give more information about my installation problem I've sent on january the 21st.

It seems several persons have the same problem but on different platforms.

Personally, I've tried to run lilypond 2.2 on a windows95 platform. I have followed the installation instructions that, I'm sure you all know, can be found on

Lukas Giesinger, exactly described the problem in his mail of january 21st. He had the same problem on a windows ME.

Basically, Lilypond has a problem finding the feta20.afm file. But I've checked my directories, this file can be found under : C:\cygwin\usr\share\lilypond\2.4.2\fonts

It also seems that, altough we follow the links and installation procedure to install lilypond 2.2, we in fact are installing lilypond 2.4. That should not be a problem except that, in order to install lilypond 2.4 correctly, it appears you also need to install manually ec*-fonts (and that is not necessary for the 2.2 version).

Now, maybe the solution is only to install these fonts, but it is not very clear to me how this should be done.

Any ideas are welcome.

Kind regards

Maxime AD wrote:
Hello, I've a problem with lilypond, it says that it cannot find feta20.afm.... I searched and this file is in /usr/share/lilypond/2.4.2/fonts/afm/ !!! So this is the error message : address@hidden Tab]$ lilypond GNU LilyPond 2.4.2 Processing `' Analyse... Interprétation en cours de la
musique...Erreur: ne peut trouver «feta20.afm »
Les fontes Musicales n'ont pas été installées correctement.

So what do I have to do? I searched the archive but didn't find anything matching! Thank you!

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