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Re: new users questions...

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: new users questions...
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 17:36:02 +0100
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Ole Hesprich wrote:
Hi all,

I started trying out lilypond and wonder, why I did not start with
that earlyer... Now I'm new to this list. Please apologise for my bad

The most things work fine and I found workarounds for several
problems. But there are a few things, I would be happy to get some
help with:

1) I need do change the offset to my dynamic-text. \dynamicUp is not
bad, but I need it not exactly over the top line. I need it a bit
overlaying to the staff. A global change would be fine, an additional
manual change for some special situations would be perfect!

Normally, the way to move something closer or further away from the
stave, you should change the padding property of the object. If you
really want to move it into the stave, you have to use the extra-offset
property. See
or search the mailing list archive for details.

2) I defined a SATB-SATB-staff an I need some free space. By
defining "\context { \Staff minimumVerticalExtent = #'(-1 . 1)}" in
the layout-section I expected the lyrics to come nearer to the music.
But it seems not to work. In addition it would be fine to get some
more space between the first and the second ChoirStaff.

It would be easier to answer this question if you sent a (small but
complete) example of what you tried to the mailing list.

3) I would like to place some text in the footer of every page,
excluding the first page. If it is possible, there should be two
elements there: the title of the music in the left-down corner and an
internet-address in the right-down corner.

The page layout implementation was new in version 2.4 and has been
improved significantly in the development versions. I'm sure that this
can be done also in version 2.4, but will probably require some lines
of Scheme code in your .ly file. I vaguely remember that someone posted
a solution to the mailing list some month ago, search the mailing list

4) Is there a possibility do define the offset of header-elements,
such as composer? I would like to get a bit more space between the
title and the composer.

The trick is probably to use text markup commands, \markup{...}.
For example, you could add a second (empty) line in the title field.


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