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Re: Documentation Issues

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Documentation Issues
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2005 13:04:13 -0800

On 5-Feb-05, at 6:37 AM, joe ferguson wrote:

I'm starting a new thread here since I think it's a topic of broader scope and interest.

Are you (Graham) the clearinghouse for documentation issues? If so, should you be specifically included whenever such issues arise? Should any suggestions/contributions be sent to you as well as the list? (Such a policy might make it easier to track documentation issues so that they don't get lost in the noise of a busy list.)

Sorry, I should have included my title. I'm the Documentation Editor. I (aim to) act as the translator between users and the docs. You can tell me (in English) what needs to change in the docs, and I'll go and put those changes in the source code. I may also edit your submission for correct English (there's a lot of non-native English
speakers involved in LilyPond).

When there's a lack of specific requests to respond to (ie "section 5.1234.5 should say something about foo" instead of "in section 5.1234.5, please add these sentences and this example"), I write docs. But this occurs much slower than
responding to specific requests.

I wouldn't mind being specifically CC'd (just to make sure), but I read lilypond-user and lilypond-devel so it's not strictly necessary. Technically I think that specific suggestions should be sent to bug-lilypond, but since documentation is something that all users can easily contribute to, I think it could be useful to send them to -user.

Hmm.  That didn't really clear it up, did it?

OK, let's say this: if you have a small, specific issue ("in section 5.4.2, please add
this example:
{ blah blah << blah foo >> }
then please send it to bug-lilypond. If you have a larger issue you'd like to
discuss, then please send it to lilypond-user and lilypond-devel.

- Graham

Graham Percival wrote:

On 3-Feb-05, at 10:12 PM, J L wrote:

Actually, after a quick check, I've found the following line in Organizing Larger Pieces (2.5.10 docs)?

"The name of an identifier should have alphabetic characters only; no numbers, underscores or dashes. The assignment should be outside of running music."

OK, so now the question is "is this the best place / should this be the only place for this info?" I don't think so; IMO nothing should only be documented in the tutorial.

Normally I'd ask for suggestions for another place to put this info, but I'm already planning a revised chapter for global lilypond file issues. So just wait a week or two. :)

- Graham

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