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Re: Trill markings

From: Jan Kohnert
Subject: Re: Trill markings
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 13:22:35 +0100
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Gordon Gilbert schrieb:
> Hey, folks!


> might be played something like this:
> { f'16 g' f' g' a'32 g' a' g' a' g' f' g' a'16 g' a' bes' ..... }
> but would be indicated with "tr" in place of those first 6 32nd notes.
> Version 2.2.2 on FreeBSD -- can't get a newer version yet :-(
> Can someone point me to the place in the manual, or otherwise, give me the
> basic syntax?  Thanks.

Is there something you can use?

> Gordon Gilbert

Regards Jan

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