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beginner tutorial to install lily on mac

From: Libero Mureddu
Subject: beginner tutorial to install lily on mac
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 15:52:43 +0200

Hello list

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Recently, a friend asked me help in order to install Lilypond on his mac, asking me why fink, why command line, and so on... I've decided to write a tutorial that explains how to install lilypond on a mac, having in mind someone that doesn't know nothing about linux, free software, use of the terminal ecc. Let's say, an user that is scared about those words and used to double-click an installer in order to get the application installed and working. I've decided to write it now, because I still remember when I installed for the first time lilypond...using fink...the terminal...command line commands, it was quite scary! I'm starting to write also the same kind of text for using lilypond with vim,emacs and jedit on mac.
I hope will be useful!
If it is useful, I can complete it with some screenshot, too.
It's just a draft, so it contains many mistakes.


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