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RE: Elision in lyrics

From: Georg Dummer
Subject: RE: Elision in lyrics
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 17:57:54 +0100


A friend of mine wrote this script for me and I successfully use it in

Sadly I do not know how to use it in Lilypond.
If you find this out I'm really interested in your solution.


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Subject: Re: Elision in lyrics

This request keeps poping up about once a year or so. If I recall correctly,
the earlier requests were for a curved symbol, something like a tie pointing
downwards, whereas your example shows a straight line. I think you can find
some workarounds in the mailing list archives using inline LaTeX code. For
an ordinary underscore as in the example you show, you could simply use
If there happens to be any symbol in the LilyPond Feta font that could be
useful (see
then it's easy to access in the lyrics by just inserting a \markup{...}


Laura Conrad wrote:
> There's a typesetting convention for lyrics that when there are what 
> look like two syllables on a note but it's really only one because one 
> is elided, you join the syllables with a sort of a tie underneath 
> them.  You can see how Encore does this on the bottom score of the 
> first page of this file.
> <;
> req=getit&lid=2595>
> Is there a way to make Lilypond do this?  
> If so, can it be documented and indexed under "elision", or "Lyrics,
> One of my group members believes strongly that this is the *right 
> thing to do*, so I might do it if it were easy, but they never did 
> stuff like that in the 16th century, so I might just not bother 
> anyway.

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