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Re: Difference in in output between LP and lilypond-book

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Difference in in output between LP and lilypond-book
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 21:30:25 -0800

On 12-Feb-05, at 8:22 PM, Laura Conrad wrote:
GP> Ah, I see. And this is a deliberate decision of his... well, I don't
    GP> really know
GP> how lilypond packages are configured or installed, but I still suspect
    GP> that
    GP> this problem arises from installing them both at once.

I'm sure that's true in a general sense, but I have both lilypond and
lilypond-snapshot installed, and I can run both of them.  That was the
idea of calling lilypond-snapshot something different, so that you
could do production work with a stable version and still test the
development version.

Does this apply to lilypond-book, as well as lilypond itself?  Fewer
people use lilypond-book, so my theory was that there's a bug in
the -snapshot package that messes up lilypond-book in the
non-snapshot package.

When I run into problems, it's either because there are font files in
the directory I'm in, or because I have a variable like TEXMF set to
the wrong place.  The OP should try getting rid of all the feta* files
in the directory, and unsetting any TEX environment variables.

Do the lilypond/lilypond-snapshot packages set any TEX env
variables?  I assume so, in which case how can they coexist
peacefully (for lilypond-book, rather than lilypond itself) ?

- Graham

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