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OpenBSD port - half success

From: Matt Jibson
Subject: OpenBSD port - half success
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 13:24:32 -0700
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I have started a port for lilypond onto OpenBSD. Currently everything builds and installs. The output is only half working, though. As an example:
(this is example 3.3.2:

As you can see, note heads, clefs, and other similar items don't show up. Text and any sort of lines (slurs too) work fine. What is the likely culprit here?

In addition to lilypond, I also had to create ports to autotrace, ec-fonts-mftraced, fontforge, mftrace, and t1utils, along with a testing version of the guile 1.6 port. Does anyone have any idea where I should look for breakage? Thanks.

-Matt Jibson

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