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Grace notes, ties, optimum notation

From: Steve D
Subject: Grace notes, ties, optimum notation
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 23:57:44 -0700
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I have recently begun to learn LilyPond, which is an exceptionally nice program, though I have a tremendous amount to learn about it.

I would like to ask if anyone might have a suggestion how better to notate the last measure of the piano piece linked to below (it is a screen capture of LilyPond's PDF output of the piece). The last chord of the piece is arpeggiated, but not in exact sequence of notes from bottom to top: one note (the F second to top) is out of order.

Link to .png image of .pdf output of lilypond:

Thank you, and best wishes,

Steve D, New Mexico US

P.S. Should I have attached the .png image instead, for the sake of the archives?

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