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pb invoking lilypond file in latex

From: Jean-marc LEGRAND
Subject: pb invoking lilypond file in latex
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 16:42:29 +0100

Hi list !
Still working on XP :o(  with Lily 2.4.2.

I'm trying Latex and lilypond book : it seems quite great, but I have a slight 
pb :

I want to insert in a text some noteheads without any staff. This is my lily 
file, which goes OK
(thanks lily doc !) :

\paper {
    linewidth = 30\mm
  indent = 0\mm
\score {
      \lyrics {
            \time 7/8
  \markup { \raise #0.75 \vcenter \musicglyph #"noteheads--2neomensural" } 4
  \markup { \raise #0.75 \vcenter \musicglyph #"noteheads--1neomensural" } 4
  \markup { \raise #0.75 \vcenter \musicglyph #"noteheads-0neomensural" } 4


I've called it

Then I try to insert it in my text like this :

dont la
dur\'{e}e d\'{e}pendait de la quantit\'{e} de mots ou de syllabes qui leur 
\'{e}tait associ\'{e}e
(notamment parce que les signes 
n'existaient pas encore).

It seems that it is the way to do it (cf lily doc 9.2 Integrating LaTeX and 
But when I run lilypond-book, its says :

address@hidden /cygdrive/c/cygwin/tetex/ofcounterpoint
$ lilypond-book --output=out contrepoint.tex
/usr/bin/lilypond-book (GNU LilyPond) 2.4.2
Reading contrepoint.tex...
Writing snippets...
Running lilypond...GNU LilyPond 2.4.2
Processing `'
Renaming input to: `' error: syntax error, unexpected PAPER:
     r { error: unknown escaped string: `\mm':
  linewidth = 30\mm error: unknown escaped string: `\mm':
  indent = 0\mm error: Error found in this music expression. Ignoring it:

error: failed files:

/usr/bin/lilypond-book: error: Process /usr/bin/lilypond -f tex -I /cygdrive/c/c
ygwin/tetex/ofcounterpoint exited unsuccessfully.
Removing `out/contrepoint.tex'

I think that I forgot to say something to "him" because he doesn't want to 
recognize some typical
lily features.

Any help ?


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