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FW: MacOS X native packaged (was Re: lilypond install mac os x)

From: arjan.bos
Subject: FW: MacOS X native packaged (was Re: lilypond install mac os x)
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 14:14:33 +0100

Somehow I always manage to forget to copy the list:

>address@hidden writes:
>> Il giorno 21/feb/05, alle 18:45, Han-Wen Nienhuys ha scritto:
>> >>
>> >
>> > Could you install it as HTML files on a website somewhere, so we can
>> > make it show up in our browser?
>> >
>> No, I'm trying to find some free web space somewhere but I cannot make 
>> it.
>> Hope next days... or there is another possibility?
>> libero
> BTW, the description of getting Lilypond up and running on a pristine
> MacOS X (getting XCode, lots of compilation) seems rather involved. I
> wonder whether there would be any interest in a "native" MacOS X
> binary of Lilypond, with a pretty installer. An binary which is up and
> running in a minutes, and Just Works out-of-box.

This would be a nice thing. Fink binaries is as technical as most Mac users can 
get. Your typical MacOSX user depends on drag and drop for his install. Meaning 
downloads a diskimage (.dmg) opens it and drags the icon to /Applications. 
Double-clicking the icon would then open up the application. 
For Lilypond this would have to be an IDE like environment (think PoVRay for 
windows) where he can type in his .ly file, compile it and view the output and 
/ or view and resolve the warnings and errors.

Perhaps a drag-'n-drop application could work as well. The user makes a .ly 
file in an editor (BBEdit or TextEdit most likely), goes to the Finder and 
drops it on an application icon or window, which does the rest.

An intermediate solution might be releasing it as a fink binary instead of 
requiring it to be build from source. (Is this still the case? I always use 
Fink from source, so I don't know) If there is a binary then things are almost 
resolved (except for the issues above).

BTW, I'm quite happy using GNU/Emacs with lilypond on my Mac.

> And: if you think that is cool idea, what would be a reasonable price?
I know you're living on a tight budget, but I've no feeling for the Mac price 
market out there. My feeling is that it should undercut GarageBand 
( by quite a bit. So that would bring it to 
something like € 10,-. But that's just my two cents.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Arjan Bos

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