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Re: trillspan issue - moving the trill mark slightly higher

From: Chip
Subject: Re: trillspan issue - moving the trill mark slightly higher
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 00:14:54 -0800
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Gilles wrote:
Thanks for the hack, it doesn't work quite right.

This is because you have to adapt the construct to the
actual bar content.  In

  << { music_a } { music_b } >>

The duration must be equal in "music_a" and "music_b" or
you'll have bar check failures (and/or the music will not
look like you would expect).

E.g. for the bar with the half-note:

  | a4-> <<{c,2.->(\startTrillSpan}{s2 s4 s8 s16 s32 s32\stopTrillSpan}>> |

Here the duration of "music_a" is "2." while for "music_b" it is "1".
Hence, you should write:

  | <<{ a4-> c,2.->(\startTrillSpan}{s2 s4 s8 s16 s32 s32\stopTrillSpan}>> |

Using the skipnumbers you have here works, but the trill-line extends to the next note, actually slightly beyond the edge of the next note. By tweaking the numbers a little more I am able to make the trill line end just prior to the next note, like this:

<<{ a4-> c,2.->(\startTrillSpan}{s2 s4 s8. s16\stopTrillSpan}>>

New question - the trillspan TR is colliding with the sharp # of a g# on the top line, and in another instance collides with a > accent on the top line. I'm sure there is a way to move it using
\once \override someThingHere #'extra-offset = #'(x . x)
But what is the content of someThingHere? I know of TextScript and RehearsalMark, but haven't had to use any others (and haven't found a list of all possibilities for this variable (if that is the correct term for that)).


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