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Looking for testers and developers for a free music software

From: Olivier Cloirec
Subject: Looking for testers and developers for a free music software
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 01:19:52 +0100


I know it's not the right place to post this messsage but I'm looking
for people who understand computers and music, so perhaps I will find

Here's my idea:
Two years ago, I started to make a simple hack with fluidsynth (a
MIDI/SF2 synthetiser quite suitable for real-time).
I called it *Play With ME*.

It allows a keyboard player (piano for instance) to play a dertemined
part and to be followed by other instruments (an orchestra for instance)
which are MIDI synthetised.
It's suitable for a pianist to be accompanied by an orchestra on a piano

The project page is under sourceforge
( but the code was so dirty that
I didn't dare upload it. It's a little buggy too.

My goal is to rewrite it from scratch in a cleaner way but I need a team
to develop and test this project (and it will be a motivation for me).
If some of you want to participate, I could upload the old fluidsynth
hack for testing purposes.

In order to not disturb this mailing list, please let me know by mail or
by the project page forum on sourceforge if you want to contribute.

Thank you!


Olivier Cloirec <address@hidden>

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