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Re: Cygwin install - not registered

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Cygwin install - not registered
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 09:47:03 +0100
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First of all, rerun setup.exe once more and when you get to the
installation page entitled "Select Packages", make sure that the
package "lilypond" is marked with "2.4.2-1" in the column "Current",
otherwise, click on the arrow circle until it says "2.4.2-1" under
"new" so it installs correctly.

You could also verify that the package is installed at all, by opening
the cygwin command window and trying to run the command
lilypond --help
This should result in a list of available options.

Next, make sure that the file really is called and not or anything else.

If these tests show that lilypond is indeed installed and
double-clicking the file does still not work, you could try to
rerun setup.exe and choose "reinstall" of the lilypond package,
since double-clicking a .ly file should certainly work out of the


James Savage wrote:
Hi folks,
I have attempted to instal lilipond by selecing it from the publishing
section of Cygwin setup within Windows 2000 professional.  The install
proceeds without any visible errors but when complete I am unable to get
lilipond to fireup by double clicking on the file located on my
desktop. I was expecting the instal to register files ending in .ly with
Win2K.  What other options do I have to test the install?  Can I do it from
the command line in cygwin ?

Finally, are there any pre-requisites that I should check?

Thanks in advance,


PS I have not subscribed to this list as yet so please could any responders
reply direct.  Many thanks.

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