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Re: Segmentation Fault

From: PGA
Subject: Re: Segmentation Fault
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 08:59:52 +0000

At 00:20 15/03/2005, Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:
address@hidden writes:
> I have just done a fresh install of Fedora 3 with new partitions, not over top > of RH8. The main reason was to install Lilypond as RH8 was too big a hassle.
> Installation of the fonts and then Lilypond using rpm went without a hitch. I
> then followed the workaround to eliminate the feta20.afm problem, and it
> worked! I was delighted. The last thing I did before going to bed was to run
> Lilypond over my bass tablature .ly file.
> First thing in the morning, if I run Lilypond over ANY .ly file, I get:
> GNU LilyPond 2.4.2
> Segmentation fault

can you check if it helps to install


Thanks. In the meantime, I just re-installed Lilypond, expecting it to segfault again. It didn't.

On the other hand, I am not satisfied with Fedora 3. The font antialising is so bad by the end of the day I can't see clearly. I have actually been using Windoze for two days!!! Help!!! Am now trying Slackware and Debian. Any suggestions as to what is a good distro to be using?

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