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Re: Score with separate title page

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Score with separate title page
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 18:06:06 +0100
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If you follow the instructions in the manual, you will get exactly the
same vectorized fonts in the output from lilypond-book as from lilypond,
so that's definitely not an issue.

Don't forget to rerun the Cygwin installation program, setup.exe, and
install the two packages tetex-base and tetex-extra if you want to use
the LaTeX environment. If you have never tried LaTeX before, I recommend
to take a look at
Examples for LaTeX documents with embedded LilyPond code are available
in the LilyPond manual, in the section on "Integrating Text and Music".


Jack Harris wrote:
I'm using Lilypond 2.4.2 on WinXP. I would like to add a separate title page and a page of notes in front of my score, so that, when printed, the score starts on page three. I see that this could be done using Lilypond-book, but I would think that the printed output might be degraded due to raster conversion. Is this a valid concern? If so, is there another method that I could try? In either case, an example would be helpful. -Jack


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