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\raise not working with 2.5.18 ??

From: Tapio Tuovila
Subject: \raise not working with 2.5.18 ??
Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2005 23:29:56 +0300
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compiled 2.5.18 recently twice; first from CVS, then from source of the 6.4. release. With both I noticed no effect in output when trying \raise in text markup, example as follows:

c''4. ^\markup {"" \halign #0.1 \raise #2.5 \bold "ad libitum"} b8 _(\> a8. g16)

The output looks similar also if I try \raise #1.5 or no \raise at all.

(BTW: In the documentation of 2.5.18 / 9.4 'Text markup' the texts "not-raised" and "raised" seem to be on the same level, too.)

Is this \raise -feature somehow changed, is there a bug or am I doing s-ing stupid?

Greetings, Tapio

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