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Re: installation OSX 10.3.

From: Robert T Wyatt
Subject: Re: installation OSX 10.3.
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 14:25:55 -0500

At 1:03 AM +0200 4/16/05, Alan Fabian wrote:
This is Alan. Clarence Barlow told me I should check out lilypond and so I do. I downloaded the fink stuff and installed it. All I have on my HD is now a directory called "sw" with endless directories. On the website there is said one should enable the "unstable" tree in fink, how shell I do that? Where can I do that?

Hi Alan, please read this info:

What does that mean? And if one executes "fink selfupdate" what does THAT mean? Is it an Internet update or what?

This is the wherefore and why:

The how is simply:
fink selfupdate

If it is your first time, you should run:
fink selfupdate -rsync

Questions, like these, which are directly related to fink could alternatively be asked here:

Hope this helps,

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