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Re: pnwc2ly 0.6 with decompression feature

From: Joshua Koo
Subject: Re: pnwc2ly 0.6 with decompression feature
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 21:58:52 +0800


I didnt thought I needed a  webpage at first, just like mid2ly, mup2ly, etf2ly, 
abc2ly doesnt have it individual page.

Right now, I fixing some serious bugs with, and figuring the more 
complicated data structures like for lyrics as well as maybe supporting v1.70 , 
after which I might put up a page with it.

The NoteworthyComposer File Format contains lots of data simlar to Lilypond's, 
I'm sure when the converter is done, it would be able to convert to Lilypond 
well enough that has no need to edit the ly file.


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