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Re: v2.4 - Right Margin Not Obeyed

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: v2.4 - Right Margin Not Obeyed
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 02:28:06 -0700
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Serban Giuroiu wrote:

I'm using LilyPond version 2.4.2 (out of portage). As
I found in the archives of the LilyPond lists, other
people have experienced my problem in older versions
of LilyPond: heading text and/or staff lines are
overshooting the right margin of the page. One user
fixed this problem in version 2.3.15 by making
settings in a \bookpaper block
but \bookpaper seems to have disappeared in version
2.4. I did not find any other way to fix this problem
for version 2.4. By setting the linewidth, I can get
the staves to fit in the page, but the composer line
still runs past the margin. Any ideas? Here are the
files I'm working on. All of the included files follow
the same format as (pasted below


\version "2.4.2"

        title = "Second Semester Composition"
        composer = "Anne, Joey, Serban, Will"
        tagline = "" % clear the Lilypond signature

        #(set-paper-size "letter" 'landscape)
        leftmargin = 1.0\in

        %linewidth = 9.5\in
        indent = 0\in

I believe the right margin is the paper width - leftmargin - linewidth. These both go in the \paper block. See the bug note at the bottom of "7.5.11 Page layout" in the manual.


Paul Scott

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