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Drum Scoring

From: Jennifer Clark
Subject: Drum Scoring
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 20:06:36 +0100
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Dear all,

I am now getting confident enough with Lilypond to use it for writing scores for larger bands, currently a nine piece jazz band for example, and find the software excellent. One area I am not entirely confident in is the writing of drum music; the latest score I did had the transcribed drums set out note for note (as it were), but I was sure this was not the best way to present music to a drummer. So I asked one of the good drummers about here for his advice, which he gave, and he also showed me many examples of good big band drum scores, and some bad ones.

All of this was a great help, and all appears easily doable in Lilypond except for one thing: The general rhythm of the dominant melodic line in the piece was always written in the space above the top line on the drum score, allowing the drummer to see where accents might be placed without explicitly writing out the entire drum part for him. The notes on this line can be of any duration. Based on this information he can do his own thing without needing a cluttered drum part, which makes perfect sense.

I tried to achieve this in Lilypond 2.2.5 by adding an extra (standard) voice to the DrumStaff, but this ended up with two separate staves. Is there any way to achieve this? I also thought about redefining a drumkit, but I am not sure if e.g. moving a tom to the space above the top line would work since the toms appear unable to take on a value greater than a quarter note. Ideally the notes should behave like those in a standard voice.

Thanks again for any advice, and advice given in the past, it is much appreciated.


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