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cautionary accidentals out of place with kghostview

From: Robert T Wyatt
Subject: cautionary accidentals out of place with kghostview
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 19:30:17 -0500
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MacOS 10.3.9
Normally I use lilypond from the command line so I use Preview to view the PDFs. Today I was using a KDE xterm so I used kghostview to view the PDF. Turns out that cautionary accidentals are shifted to the right when viewed this way. The parentheses are in the correct position, the normal accidentals are in the right position, but the symbol (flat, natural, sharp) are all trailing by about a dotted-notehead-length from where they ought to be.

I found that regardless of whether I built the PDF from within xterm or, the PDFs were correct with Preview and Adobe Reader and KPDF but incorrect with kghostview.

So it sounds like a problem with kghostview... any suggestions?

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