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Re: placing a turn between notes

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: placing a turn between notes
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 22:23:59 +0200
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Fairchild wrote:
I believe the ^#". . ." also can now be simply ^". . ."; similarly with -#".
. ." and _#". . .".

Yes and no! Before version 1.8, ^#"..." was equivalent to ^"...",
whereas ^#(...) was the old syntax for text markup, i.e. the current

> Convert-ly v 2.4.3 doesn't handle.

The convert-ly that comes with the latest 2.5.xx versions does handle
the conversion of markup from pre 1.8 syntax much better.


                               - Bruce

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Subject: Re: placing a turn between notes

On 10-Jun-05, at 11:45 AM, jeff covey wrote:

the solution i was given in 2003 was:

c'8.[^#'(columns (music "scripts-mordent" ((kern . 3) "scripts-turn"))

The ^#" "  method of placing text has changed to ^\markup.  Try
c'8.^\markup{ \line { \musicglyph #"scripts.mordent" \hspace #0.3 \musicglyph #"scripts.turn" } } des16

You may wish to increase the amount of hspace.

- Graham

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