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Re: More pictures to manual

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: More pictures to manual
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 21:20:11 -0700

On 12-Jun-05, at 11:57 AM, dpeach wrote:
What I think would go a long way to helping understand some of the concepts is to take a full score of various types of music and severely documenting the .ly file. That way someone can read the .ly file of the music and get the snippets in context. You would not have to do every style of music, nor even really complicated ones. Probably 5 well chosen pieces (or even made up pieces with no musical value) would do it. For example have a vocal/choir piece, an instrumental with several staves, modern, classical and something else.

It should either be a real piece or small snippets. I don't see the value of a
large piece with no musical value.

If you want to write such docs, I'd welcome it.

Not every Lilypond concept could be covered, but much of the basics will be there. But the key is documenting the .ly file so that the reader can see in context how the whole is constructed.

That suggests that we should make more docs to show how to construct complete pieces. This has been begun in chapter 4; again, I welcome contributions to the

- Graham

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