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RE: Inserting multi-line text

From: Sven Axelsson
Subject: RE: Inserting multi-line text
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 18:14:47 +0200

I accidentially sent this directly to Mats. Sorry about that.

> From: Mats Bengtsson [mailto:address@hidden 
> Sven Axelsson wrote:
> > Lilypond 2.6.0 Win
> > 
> > I must be missing something obvious here, but how do I get 
Lilypond to 
> > insert a full paragraph of justified and line-wrapped text in the 
> > output? With the old TeX backend this was easy, just type the text 
> > (more or less), but I can't find a way to do it now.
> > 
> > To be specific, I want two things: Text between \score sections in 
> > multi-score book, and line-wrapped text in the \header section 
where I 
> > sometimes have a comment field with a lot of text.
> I cannot see any easy way to tell LilyPond to do the line breaking
> automatically. However, if you stand to do that manually, the answer
> to both your questions is to use Text markup, see the example called
> in the "Regression Test" document (note that the
> \book{...} isn't necessary) and the section on Creating Titles in
> the manual.

OK, that's too bad. Surely this is a useful feature? I don't really 
the guts to hack Lilypond myself, but I reckon it would be simple to
implement \markupParagraph or something to use the features of 
Pango_Layout to perform justification and line wrapping. I guess I was
stupid not to bring this up before 2.6 was released, since it probably
is harder to get new features added to the stable branch.

Well, if anybody wants to fix this I'd be eternally grateful.

Sven Axelsson, Sweden

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