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Re: Cygwin install of 2.6?

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: Cygwin install of 2.6?
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 09:05:14 -0700
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Rob Vlasaty wrote:

I installed 2.6.0 for Cygwin on my Windows XP this morning.  Lilypond says 
that it can not find my files when I try to run it.  I also tried running my 
files through Lilypond-book and got the following errors:

File "/usr/bin/lilypond-book", line 1616, in ?
main ()
File "/usr/bin/lilypond-book", line 1582, in main
chunks = do_file (file)
File "/usr/bin/lilypond-book", line 1448, in do_file
set_default_options (source)
File "/usr/bin/lilypond-book", line 660, in set_default_options
textwidth = get_latex_textwidth (source)
File "/usr/bin/lilypond-book", line 1280, in get_latex_textwidth
tempfile.tempdir = ''
NameError: global name 'tempfile' is not defined

I just hit that one. It is known. That same python bug is also in the Linux version. It may be fixed in 2.6.1 and/or 2.7.0

Paul Scott

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