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stem direction for main notes vs. grace notes

From: Eric Mrozek
Subject: stem direction for main notes vs. grace notes
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 05:37:50 -0700

For my particular application (highland bagpipe notation) I want to have all the main notes to be stemDown, and all the grace-notes be stemUp.

I am auto-generating lilypond code with a program, and I want to use the \stemDown "macro" after setting the key and before I spit out any of the notes. Everything works fine when the first note is a main note. My problem is that if the first note is a grace-note, then that first grace-note group gets the stem down and nothing else does. It appears that when the "grace" construct is closed, the context is closed, and the stem direction reverts back to the default.

By the way.... this is inconsistent with the behavior for
   \override Stem #'transparent = ##t
which applies to both main and grace-notes, for all the remaining notes in the voice.

My present work-around is to place a "\once \stemDown " string in front of every low note throughout the entire score. Is there a more global way that I could do this?

Here is a fragment of my "broken" test case....

voice1=  {
 \key d \major
   \override Stem #'transparent = ##t
% the next line could also be \stemDown
   \override Stem #'direction = #-1
\grace { g'16[ d''16 cis''16] } d''8.[ e''16] g'8[ a'8]


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